Reflections on the Week Through Pictures

so proud of these guys… we and we will continue to make a difference…. blessings…

True-Line News-Line

Reflections on the Week Through Pictures

Enjoy this photo blog from Patricia Jerome. She took some great shots over the week and I would just like to share them with you along with a few works from Pat.

What a 1st week building houses! The local families are very gracious and thankful for our efforts in helping to improve the living conditions for members of their communities. The men are lining up every day to pitch in and help build. The women & children are cooking for their workers and eagerly monitor the daily progress. It has been an extremely rewarding and emotionally fulfilling week for me as I realize the impact of our efforts, not just the physical house, but the teamwork of the two counties working together so harmoniously toward our goals.



A visit to the orphanage, this little girl just attached herself to Patricia and wouldn’t…

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Ten Houses Down – Eight more to go!

thanks Sue… great photos and commentary….way to go team !

True-Line News-Line

Ten Houses Down – Eight more to go!

We had another amazing day in El Salvador! This lofty goal of eighteen houses has the team all working their tails off! Literally sun up to sun down. I’m rushing to get the teams back in the truck and loaded up before it gets dark at 6:00. We don’t want to be out in the villages after dark. _DSF4889

The first build day we completed four and a half houses, today we did five and a half! Ten down! And that’s working in blazing heat, I’m not sure exactly how hot it was, but probably mid thirties! I tell you, this is an amazing group of people working this hard and not a complaint!

And now some words from our construction supervisor at True-Line, Brian Steer:


First I would like to send happy birthday wishes to my son Carson happy 16th. My son.

Well I…

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The Letter

images # 2

I found your letter tonight, of so long ago.

The words didn’t have the same allure, they once did.

The ink felt dull, faded and used.

The magic had disappeared.

As I re read your letter I saw the trickery and deception you penned.

I saw the mask and the façade you conveyed.

The dangerous lies exposed, all used to smitten me. Your words were naked and lifeless.

It was all revealed  as I re read your letter tonight.

I have nothing to say, it was so long ago.

I have moved on and freed myself !

” Our Dirt Range Road”

photo 11 14river valley # 2

If you yearn for holy felicity, shed your  arrogance and become a Seeker of Hearts.” ~Rumi

Sometimes a crisis in our life is a blessing, for it give us a choice, either work with the crisis and grow or stay the same and let it consume you.

A crisis can make us real, give us purpose and offer empowerment. It gives us a sense of community and togetherness and it allows us to get in touch with our authentic selves.

In order to find harmony in our lives we must step out and connect with all living forms in life. We must find the “ah ha” moments, stand there, ingest them, and allow them to mesmerize every fiber and sinew in our body. Feel the energy  flow, as it makes its way over your entire physique and enters that sacred place in your heart.

Fourteen years ago, a crisis brought many of us to a simple, dirt range road. Like all other range roads, it went nowhere in particular, or so we thought. It was hand-picked because of its peacefulness and tranquillity; it possessed beautiful wildlife, and gave us a stunning view of the river valley.

Over the years, this same dirt range road has seen many travellers, many visitors, heard many stories, solved many issues, and dried many tears. It desires to see, to hear and to feel us every day, and this morning was no different. The beauty and splendor it presented left us speechless. The hoar frost on the trees, the diamonds sparkling in the fresh snow and the deep blue sky was ours as we walked and heard the “crush” of the freshly fallen snow beneath our feet. We were held spellbound by the first few rays of the Sun as it appeared over the horizon, swiftly spreading its light across the field, giving everything around us a bluish haze, as it illuminated the complete field.

On this road, we have found our confidence, learned to listen, make decisions, and sometimes  reconsider decisions we felt were necessary in life. It is sacred and revered. It offers solitude and peace when we needed it. It has protected and shielded us from the elements of life and nature. It has shown us that love endures and there is nothing but love through humbleness and gratitude. It has allowed us to become real and has given us a broader understanding of  life, all forms of  life.

This is not just any dirt  range road, it’s our road and it has allowed us  to see,  and to become  authentic.

Enjoy your day !

photo hoar frost

Happy New Year


In closing the last chapter on 2014, may you look back on the year and say “well done, a lot was accomplished this year”… or for some, it’s “thank goodness that year is done”.

Whatever it may be, always remember that there is nothing but love, and there is nothing stronger than our love for each other.  In love always remember to look after the less fortunate; be humble and kind to yourself and others. Give hugs and tell someone you love them every day. Be honest and generous. Participate in life.

Chase your dreams, catch them, embrace them and love them and they will love you back.

Always remember how much YOU are loved and appreciated…

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit” for “love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving” ~~ Khalil Gibran, The Prophet.

From my family to yours, may 2015 be your best year ever….. hugs XO

” Another Way of Knowing”


Many years ago while back in university, I took an Ecocritism English class. The class was a study of nature writing through various authors on how they viewed our environment in North America. The writings were over a span of three generations. One of our assignments was to complete a literature review on a piece by Barry Lopez. The piece was called “A literature of Place” in which Lopez speaks of becoming one with nature and how it shaped his writings and perspective of life.  As part of f the assignment , we were also asked to go into nature, turn off all technology and write about our experience.

It was early morning hours and the sun sat on the edge of the horizon like an eager child, waiting to greet me.  I live on one of the highest ridges’ in this county enabling me to see forever in all directions.  An honor and privilege to live on this ridge. As I walk I am  completely immersed in my  surroundings. This morning there is no wind only a powerful, piecing silence as the earth picks up my vibrations  and spirit as I tread across it. I hear the swish of the crow’s wingspan as he flies ever so close, greeting me as I enter his energy. He greets me, and he knows me, like this field knows me. The earth and I connect and I am humbled by the greeting it  extends to me, for  it embraces me and we become one.  Its’ welcome gives way to humbleness and excitement.  It is the comfort and ease of our relationship which makes  this  special.  I have a strong bond with this land; it grounds me and it never lets me down, it’s always there always faithful and glad to see me. The earth always has something new and exciting for me to watch, to feel, to sense and this morning is no different.

As with Lopez this field and I keep each other alive with our stories as the land has gift for extracting those stories from us. It desires to hear our needs and our yearnings.  Our stories need to be shared and passed on to our families and our communities in order that others feel the comfort and connectedness of the land, the earth.

We need “another kind of logic, another way of knowing?” something that excites us and provides  peace within. The energy from the earth allows for that logic, the non-judgemental, forgiveness, extending comfort and ease and it is always there with a new story to share with us. The earth’s energy is powerful and animated. We must be vulnerable and allow  the relationship to evolve,  for the earth has many things to tell us and by listening we can develop and understand its logic or another way of knowing.

On this winter solstice, one of the most powerful times in the earths’ history, go out on the land today, walk it and feel its vibrations. Let it pulsate through you, allow it to touch all of your senses and feel it embrace you. Exchange stories and tell it your wants and needs. It only wants to be your friend, and it will gift you  “another way of knowing” to enable you to find your inner peace.

Happy Solstice!

The Wishing Stone Ritual

thank you Jean… what a wonderful tradition !! Our traditions define us as people, as community or as countries. They can be momentous, and powerful and they keep us connected and strong……hugs Jean XO

SOCIAL BRIDGE ~ Jean Tubridy connecting with you from Ireland

Stones at Newtown Cove, Tramore, Co. Waterford Stones at Newtown Cove, Tramore, Co. Waterford

It’s quite a few years ago now that our  New Year’s Eve Wishing Stone Ritual  was born. My son and I make our way to Newtown Cove, just outside Tramore, here in Co. Waterford in Ireland.

We each select the most perfect stones we can find and cast them into the sea. Newtown Cove is a magical place ~ high cliffs on either side and the hauntingly beautiful Newtown Wood just behind.

Newtown Cove, Tramore Newtown Cove, Tramore

Such a simple ceremony, but one in which memories of the year just gone and hopes for the next are added to the whispering, or sometimes, roaring, waves.

If you would like me to cast a  Wishing Stone for you, wherever you are in the world, just let me know, either in the comments here or by email: You’ll know what that stone carries and the sea…

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Butterfly Magic

thank you Jean… I love butterflies.. they symbolize the cycle of birth-death-rebirth throughout nature/life , and also within our own spiritual and personal growth, the every changing cycle of life…with the endings, is a beginning elsewhere…. hugs XO

SOCIAL BRIDGE ~ Jean Tubridy connecting with you from Ireland

I was out today taking seasonal photographs for hubby’s carpet business and was all delighted when I found a glittery butterfly that matched one of the warm plaid carpets he stocks.


Just as I was completing this assignment the lens fell out of my glasses so I had to take myself off to the optician’s shop to get that sorted.

When I arrived back into the car, I was totally stunned to find a real, live butterfly resting on one of the samples piled high on the passenger seat.


Its perfect beauty and softness warmed my heart more than I can even begin to describe and brought me back to a poster I had hanging in all the places I lived during my endless student days. It was this quote from Henry Thoreau.

“Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you; but…

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