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Robert these words are beyond  beautiful, they are divine. They are  so deep, resonating to the core of who we are, truly are. Your words illuminate the pure  love within you, as they glide across the paper. It is truly your ” compass by which I navigate points me to the deep embrace of true love. That is where my steps lead me” and we are all ” a  momentary traveller looking for a place to rest his head and call ‘home’ – but today I walk with you in my heart, and I know that ‘home’ is here”.

From my heart to yours, thank you …… hugs  XO Jean


Important information regarding the current massive shifts in energies and the human body.

thank you Judith for such an inspiring and insightful article, for myself it is an affirmation of what is happening at the present time, the warming of the waters, the activity within the earth’s core and how we are all connected within our physical forms. As stated “What is exists in the macrocosm exists in the microcosm and vice versa! its all connected ! thank you so much for this…….

Judith Kusel

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Intricate portals move into activation in the next few years, as the planet is being revamped and revitalized.  Therefore there are massive fractures in earth crust and with it the inner stirring of mass liquid mass, which will bring about volcanic activity, even in those volcanoes which have been dormant for some time and with the eruptions in the inner earth, as liquid mass explodes this will cause earth eruptions, earth quakes and in some cases the sea will start boiling.

It is therefore imperative for mankind to understand that as the earth is reinventing herself, so human beings are being reinvented as they too are being re-formed, reinvented and even their physical bodies will now be more crystalline in nature and therefore contain higher frequency bands.

Most human beings are not aware of the energy centers in their own bodies, nor are they aware that a lot of changes…

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Kara Schallock ~ The Lion’s Gate

thanks Kara… such an insightful and wise message.. we are entering some very exciting times.. hugs my friend… ❤



Lion’s Gate 05-Aug-2015

On August 8th we will enter what is called the Lion’s Gate. The Magdalen Gateway leads us to this point and is a part of it as well. What is the highest purpose of this merging? The Divine Feminine is, of course, a major part of Ascension and who better to symbolize this than The Magdalen? She brings the essence of Courage; the Courage to transcend the lower aspects of duality within us and our cultures. So many have been faced with much personal challenge. Yet challenge is an opportunity to release more duality so that we may be more Love. The Lion’s Gate is actually a triple 8 (8/8/2015: 2+0+1+5=8). The Lion’s Gate brings forth Strength; the Strength to be all we are. So you see, The Magdalen brought the Courage to be Strength in order to be more Love.

Many have been distraught…

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If someone asked you to define abundance in your community, what would your reply  be? Would you think of it, in terms of natural resources?  Would it be the monetary wealth in your community or area?  Within society we have been conditioned to perceive abundance, as being something of tangible value, in the context of economics.  So what about social capital? Social capital, is the “social networks” and our  ability to reciprocate with each other, within these networks.  Social capital is “People power” the “knowledge, hands and heart” of people within our communities.   This is the real abundance and true wealth in a communities, or provinces, or our nations.   Unfortunately, in our modern world, there is no real value placed on social capital; or if it is, it is undervalued or discounted, being of no importance. Image result for Photo of community

We have made tremendous advancement throughout human history, moving from the Guild system (artisans and merchants) to an age of Enlightenment and new philosophies to the Industrial revolution. In between we have had a few more revolutions, world wars and a depression which have also transformed how we viewed our communities. Our grandparents came to this country, homesteaded and created their own community. They understood the need, or they would have perished, for they only had each other, there was  no one else to assist. When they needed something done, it was talked about as a group and everyone partook in making it happen.  They utilized the “people power “within the  community. Some had knowledge, some had hands and all had heart and true grit and determination. They shared the highlights of each other’s lives, and they shared the tragedies and sorrows. They were there for each other. It was not to say that everyone got along, that wasn’t the point. Despite their differences, they worked as a unified unit to protect and assist and be there for each other.

So what has happened? Perhaps it was moving into the Information Age (also known as the digital and new media age) where things began to fall away and become shallow and superficial. As we became more affluent, enjoying a better life, we became more reliant on our technology and we felt it was easier to pay someone else to do what our parents or grandparents had done for themselves. We sought the “good life”, free from anything strenuous, and little by little we gave our power away to consumerism.  As we continue to give our power away, the institutions and systems became larger and more complex, taking over our lives. They implemented rules and regulations and there was punishment, for anyone who did not want to conform or submit to the “rules of the game”. These rules then shaped our behaviors and made us feel insecure and unworthy. According to the authors, McKnight and Block of “The Abundant Community” communities became commercialized and the care within those communities (education, health, childcare, crime.) became professionalized (46).

Many of us realize, our world is not sustainable if we continue the coarse we are on. Perhaps it’s too late, but regardless we must change for we cannot continue the way we are going. Amidst the shallowness of our world, there is emptiness within families, and communities,  and we need to revitalize this. Historically, we understand the lessons of our parents and grandparents, however we don’t want to go back in time.  We need to create a new model with our own story. So where do we begin?

We begin by acknowledging the little victories !  We know we are doing many things well, and this needs to be celebrated!  Holding BBQ’s and community suppers are a great way to show gratitude  and celebrate!

Many of us have begun to connect and share our gifts; we’ve joined with other communities or counties to create what is better developed together, as opposed to operating in silos. We have begun to communicate and cooperate. We have also begun to take steps to get to know our neighbors’ and find out who and what they do, enabling us  to have a strategy, going forward in looking out for ourselves and others, should something be suspicious or different.  We are the authority in our communities; for no one knows our communities better than us!

We have begun to use different words, which are creating or reiterating  new realities for many. These new realities provide community members with fresh and innovative ideas.

There is a definite change in the air; a well-meaning change, moving us from being consumers to engaged, caring and considerate citizens once again. Through communicating and sharing with each other,  we are finding many similarities!

One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals. When we pool our strength and share the work and responsibility, we can welcome many people, even those in deep distress, and perhaps help them find self-confidence and inner healing.”  ~~ Jean Vanier, Community and Growth.

A trip to the orphanage to finish off our Week

wow !! guys looks like life is ever entertaining. So happy to see you went to the orphanage again… SO proud of you guys…. 😉

True-Line News-Line

It’s El Salvador!! I haven’t had proper internet for the last couple of days, and I couldn’t get any photos to load onto the blog, so anyone one from home that has been waiting for word about your family, please know we are all safe and sound and as soon as I figure out the best way to get things to load, I will send you a whole bunch of photos. Right now, here is the tail end of week one that I finally got to load, week two will begin soon:

What a great way to finish off week one. We took a trip to the orphanage to take the annual photos of the children.

Orphanage low res_117

Orphanage low res_130

Orphanage low res_132

Orphanage low res_134

Orphanage low res_140We have a big surprise for them next week when team two visits. We have printed photo books for them, Thanks Printing Place for a great job on the books!

Trevor is getting all…

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