The hummingbird quickly appeared in the window as I sat eating my morning breakfast. His break neck speed and agility was amazing as he scouted the feeder which lay empty. As I watched him I couldn’t help but feel the intensity of his stare as his eye met mine speaking to me through that eye. As I sat there I thought of my mother who loved her hummingbirds and who would make sure she had three or four feeders sitting outside the kitchen window. As she made her way through the day, the hummingbirds were her delight. I remember many a time sitting and having tea and she would interrupt the conversation, run to her window and excitingly point and holler “look at the hummingbird”.

Maybe it was the gentleness and caring of my mother that would bring them to her kitchen window, but one thing was for sure she loved them as much as they loved her. She expressed such pride in her birds, that same pride she had for her children regardless of what we did.

My mom is now floating free of all earthly possessions like the hummingbirds she once fed. Her spirit darting in and out of our lives, letting us know she is with us and ensuring we are safe and loved. The hummingbird in my window this morning was just another reminder from my mom that her spirit is with us always. Thank you mom.