“ when I am an old woman I shall trade in my G35 Infinity car for something more sporty, like a Porsche or a Lamborghini just to say I had a sporty car before I depart this life. The car will be a beautiful shade of red and it will be loaded with a multitude of computerized gadgets and devices. It will be a convertible. I will own an Ipod,an Ipad and I will be part of Facebook, twitter, and my space..

Being as I’m old I will not worry about what people think of me collecting tie wraps and relieving gas in public places. I will not worry about the style of my hair or the color of my gardening hat. I will never lose my passion for learning. I will go to graduate school to prove I still have it ! As an elder I will be welcoming and never lose my love of people, especially the less fortunate. I will never lose my compassion for my children and my family. I will never forget my roots. I will volunteer my time at community soup kitchens and make casseroles and meals for the needy from my own kitchen. I will check in on seniors and arrange to have people shovel their sidewalks and cut their grass in the summertime.

I will spend my days cruising the streets and roadways of this wonderful country stopping at every little coffee shop to acquaint myself with the “ locals”. I will be an advocate for any concerns and issues my baby boomer friends and comrades have. My time will be consumed with changing attitudes and ideas on what we define as an “aging person” is in the 21st century and how important the family unit is. I’ll become the Clint Eastwood of the Baby Boomer generation, on a mission to change the attitudes and views on aging and family values. My motto will be “Make my day” in every sense of the word.

I will lobby my political friends and ask their assistance in amending or changing how we design and view our communities. We need “aging in communities”. I will monitor abuse of any kind within our society. I will initiate a Campaign in hopes of changing societal attitudes. I will dispel any “myths” we have on aging within society. I will look for overall ways to bring back tenderness and compassion , for we need more community spirit within society.

When I am an old woman. Hey ! What’s wrong with starting some of this right now, while I’m a middle age woman who’s looking to give back ? Besides I’m a Baby Boomer and I’m never going to be old !!