thank you Judith for such an inspiring and insightful article, for myself it is an affirmation of what is happening at the present time, the warming of the waters, the activity within the earth’s core and how we are all connected within our physical forms. As stated “What is exists in the macrocosm exists in the microcosm and vice versa! its all connected ! thank you so much for this…….

Judith Kusel

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Intricate portals move into activation in the next few years, as the planet is being revamped and revitalized.  Therefore there are massive fractures in earth crust and with it the inner stirring of mass liquid mass, which will bring about volcanic activity, even in those volcanoes which have been dormant for some time and with the eruptions in the inner earth, as liquid mass explodes this will cause earth eruptions, earth quakes and in some cases the sea will start boiling.

It is therefore imperative for mankind to understand that as the earth is reinventing herself, so human beings are being reinvented as they too are being re-formed, reinvented and even their physical bodies will now be more crystalline in nature and therefore contain higher frequency bands.

Most human beings are not aware of the energy centers in their own bodies, nor are they aware that a lot of changes…

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