I agree.. I was VERY emotional suring our cereomonies., being a very sensitive person my psych picked up on the energy right away.. As a group, we witnessed and saw first hand, where these people had lived and we saw the gratitude and joy through their hearts as we presented the keys.. They are people like us, same age many of them, only asking for a better life, nothing more, nothing less…there are no words to capture the energy which accompanies these cereomonies.. it is beyond words. it must be experienced to be appreciated…… thanks for sharing Sue

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The key ceremony is bitter sweet. It is an honour to present the keys to the families, but it is also sad to say goodbye after working so closely with them for a week. The bonds we create in just a few days are unlike any others, it’s hard to leave our new friends.

The families invite us back and tell us we will be welcome in their homes anytime, and they sincerely mean it! It is such a thrill when we get an opportunity to see each other again in another year. They remember us as much as we remember them for sure!

It is so humbling to know the impact our short time in their country has had on their lives. As Brian Glass said on our very first trip, “there is nothing anyone could do for us that would have the life changing effect that these little…

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