wow !! guys looks like life is ever entertaining. So happy to see you went to the orphanage again… SO proud of you guys…. 😉

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It’s El Salvador!! I haven’t had proper internet for the last couple of days, and I couldn’t get any photos to load onto the blog, so anyone one from home that has been waiting for word about your family, please know we are all safe and sound and as soon as I figure out the best way to get things to load, I will send you a whole bunch of photos. Right now, here is the tail end of week one that I finally got to load, week two will begin soon:

What a great way to finish off week one. We took a trip to the orphanage to take the annual photos of the children.

Orphanage low res_117

Orphanage low res_130

Orphanage low res_132

Orphanage low res_134

Orphanage low res_140We have a big surprise for them next week when team two visits. We have printed photo books for them, Thanks Printing Place for a great job on the books!

Trevor is getting all…

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