so proud of these guys… we and we will continue to make a difference…. blessings…

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Reflections on the Week Through Pictures

Enjoy this photo blog from Patricia Jerome. She took some great shots over the week and I would just like to share them with you along with a few works from Pat.

What a 1st week building houses! The local families are very gracious and thankful for our efforts in helping to improve the living conditions for members of their communities. The men are lining up every day to pitch in and help build. The women & children are cooking for their workers and eagerly monitor the daily progress. It has been an extremely rewarding and emotionally fulfilling week for me as I realize the impact of our efforts, not just the physical house, but the teamwork of the two counties working together so harmoniously toward our goals.



A visit to the orphanage, this little girl just attached herself to Patricia and wouldn’t…

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