photo 11 14river valley # 2

If you yearn for holy felicity, shed your  arrogance and become a Seeker of Hearts.” ~Rumi

Sometimes a crisis in our life is a blessing, for it give us a choice, either work with the crisis and grow or stay the same and let it consume you.

A crisis can make us real, give us purpose and offer empowerment. It gives us a sense of community and togetherness and it allows us to get in touch with our authentic selves.

In order to find harmony in our lives we must step out and connect with all living forms in life. We must find the “ah ha” moments, stand there, ingest them, and allow them to mesmerize every fiber and sinew in our body. Feel the energy  flow, as it makes its way over your entire physique and enters that sacred place in your heart.

Fourteen years ago, a crisis brought many of us to a simple, dirt range road. Like all other range roads, it went nowhere in particular, or so we thought. It was hand-picked because of its peacefulness and tranquillity; it possessed beautiful wildlife, and gave us a stunning view of the river valley.

Over the years, this same dirt range road has seen many travellers, many visitors, heard many stories, solved many issues, and dried many tears. It desires to see, to hear and to feel us every day, and this morning was no different. The beauty and splendor it presented left us speechless. The hoar frost on the trees, the diamonds sparkling in the fresh snow and the deep blue sky was ours as we walked and heard the “crush” of the freshly fallen snow beneath our feet. We were held spellbound by the first few rays of the Sun as it appeared over the horizon, swiftly spreading its light across the field, giving everything around us a bluish haze, as it illuminated the complete field.

On this road, we have found our confidence, learned to listen, make decisions, and sometimes  reconsider decisions we felt were necessary in life. It is sacred and revered. It offers solitude and peace when we needed it. It has protected and shielded us from the elements of life and nature. It has shown us that love endures and there is nothing but love through humbleness and gratitude. It has allowed us to become real and has given us a broader understanding of  life, all forms of  life.

This is not just any dirt  range road, it’s our road and it has allowed us  to see,  and to become  authentic.

Enjoy your day !

photo hoar frost