A beautiful analogy on our connections…. thank you for sharing Jean and thank you Suz for the beautiful work…:-) ❤


Cape of Good Hope, South Africa Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

On Christmas Eve, I started a series of virtual gifts for the women whose blogs I have come to enjoy in the past year.  Visitors to Social Bridge know that Jean loves the Garrarus Beach, and Tramore, and because she shares it with us often, many of us have come to look forward to the ever changing waters and sands and rocks where we humans lift our feet off the edges of the world and immerse ourselves the closest we shall ever come to floating in time and space.  I’ve not been to Ireland, let alone Garrarus or Tramore, but it is on my list of things to do, and I’ve a few years left in which to make it.  Meanwhile, I share a gift of some of my favorite beaches and their waters.

Boulder Beach, South Africa Boulder Beach, South Africa

I was introduced to the…

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