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Rethinking Life

IMG_1146Johnny Stardust was meant for bigger and better things.  Everyone thought so.  Well, everyone but Johnny, that is.   Johnny liked fast cars, fast booze and fast women, but all of that came later on.

Johnny had an IQ higher than Einsteins’s and that’s where his problems all started.  He was smarter than his teachers.  His teachers didn’t like that.  Johnny was actually smarter than everyone on the planet and absolutely NO ONE, liked that, especially the people in power.  So the adults in Johnny’s life tried to dumb him down, the way many educational institutions dumb down their students.   His mother fought them, but couldn’t win, so she finally just took Johnny and ran.

They ran to a small town, with a big library and when Johnny read every book they had, Johnny’s mother moved to a bigger town with an even bigger library.  That became a pattern…

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